I've always been fascinated by the art of past times, I find incredible beauty in a unique and delicate handwork of decorative items and jewellery. Collecting interesting pieces by travelling all over Germany and France is my most favourite hobby that has slowly become a devoted passion. I launched this website for gathering and sharing inspiration, and the Antique Shop for making this inspiration become a part of your style. Discover your own special brooch or pendant, fall in love with it slowly, adopt it and cherish it the way it deserves. This kind of jewellery is timeless and meant to be worn for many many years, and maybe even passed on to the future generations. Antiques are an incredible investment for the memories they hold and for their value only growing with time. 



I collect and sell only those things that can be used and worn in everyday life and combined with modern lifestyle and clothing. So it's not necessary to be fully addicted to vintage to love and wear all of the items from my shop. To get a bit of inspiration on how to wear vintage jewellery you can use my guide on "how to wear a brooch" (coming soon) or "how to mix and match jewellery from different eras" (coming soon). Antique jewellery is timeless, it's a beautiful statement against fast-fashion and mass production.



My aim is to let others discover that there is an incredible beauty in old things that are still fully functioning. There is no need to support mass production, poor quality and unoriginal designs when you can "adopt" a vintage item, that is unique, handmade, and of high quality. Unlike fast-fashion pieces, antiques are meant to be loved and worn for many years and even passed on to the next generations. It's also much more pleasant to save up and invest in one high-quality and artistic piece than to own ten generic fashion pieces that will eventually fall apart after one season. In our materialistic fast-fashion era it's really easy to forget about the true value of things and hand work. Give a second chance to the items that really deserve it.



My Instagram @thevelvetdust is my personal blog, it's a platform where I combine all my other passions into one. Photography, flowers, erotica and lingerie, psychology talks related, sex ed and relationships, vintage vibes and travel. Take a look if you want to get to know me better, or just peek inside of my life and mind. Who knows, maybe you'll find something useful for yourself!