Antique 1880 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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90 €
This bracelet is a very rare and exceptional find that is more than 120 years old. It has a delicate engraving inside that says "Souvenir 1888". Maybe it has seen a beautiful love story, probably on a romantic trip, but we could only guess that. It has gained a gorgeous golden tone with bluish patina due to its age. I find it beautiful as is and wouldn't clean it from patine, I think it has a special charm that shows it's true age.

Size:  18 cm / 7 in
Material: 800 silver
Date: around 1880s
Other: "Souvenir 1888" engraving

Note: I don't remove patina myself because I find charm and character in it, and I love this look of the true antiques that have a story to tell. That's up to your preference if you want to keep the patina or not, but please remove all the antique jewellery patina only at a professional.

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