Antique Filigree Silver Flower Brooch (around 1900s)

22 €
This brooch is a symbol of tenderness withstanding the power of time. It's performed in a very delicate filigree technique and made out of 800 silver. Very fragile, subtle, and unique. It is born to be cherished and loved. Light enough to be pinned even on the most delicate fabrics. Has aged with light patina that can be removed if desired.

Size:  4x3 cm / 1.5x1.1 in
Material: 800 silver
Date: around 1900s

Note: I don't remove patina myself because I find charm and character in it, and I love this look of the true antiques that have a story to tell. That's up to your preference if you want to keep the patina or not, but I advise to remove all the antique jewellery patina only at a professional.
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