The Velvet Dust

is a passion about all things vintage.


It's a beloved Antique Shop with lost gems of the past.


It's an art project that makes you inspired and motivates you to create.

I'm a person, not a brand


Everything you see here is very personal. I take my passion from the depth of my heart and put it out in the way I that you can feel my love on the tip of your fingers. In my Instagram blog I talk about things that are important to me, that are important to many. Sometimes it's about my mental health, sometimes about relationships, about how to accept yourself, and how to fall in love with yourself, how to try to stay happy. It's a blog that I created to express my thoughts and emotions but found love, support, and so many beautiful people. I am blessed that every day I wake up and do what I so much enjoy.  Oh, and by the way, just call me Ana.




Fall in love, adopt, cherish